mqopen is open-source platform for Internet of Things. It's based on MQTT communication protocol and provices many services based on it.

It uses decentralized network design, which allows to span arbitrary amount of sensors over the world and connect them into sinle robust mesh.

Nework is easily extensible for adding new kind of devices or growing to new locations.

There are included some ready to use hardware designs, which can be easily manufactured, configured and deployed to start collecting data from various supported sensors.

All hardware is designed to be manufactured by individuals and be as cheap as possible.

Project is contantly being developed and each month comes with new features.


Provides world-wide backbone network for MQTT data exchange with high security concerns.

Endpoint devices

Comes with ready to use endponint devices, including PCB designs, cases and firmware. Open possibilities to collect data over variety of protocols and link layers.


Provides realiable services for storing and analyzing collected data. Also provides tools for monitoring network health and diagnostic device failures.


mqopen is collection of open-source tools.

  • mqspeak - Application for sending MQTT data to ThinSpeak or Phant servers.
  • mqguard - MQTT traffic monitoring to detect anomalies and errors.
  • mqview - Front-end interactive user interface to mqguard. Capable of real-time display of errors and warnings.

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You can learn more at mqopen wiki

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Ivo Slanina